Dangerous War

The Dangerous War

Embraced Lake and Ageless Confederations
52 – Current

The Dangerous War was waged between the Ageless Confederations and the Embraced Lake. The Dangerous War was a war of Elven aggression against a community of Human hamlets centered around the town of Ochremarkets. For five years between 58 to 63, the elves assaulted the human encampments, killing nearly 500 humans, pillaging and eventually conquering them or razing them to the ground. The only thing that remains of the human settlements is the Puzzleknit tomb where the remains of those who led the human defenders rest.

Defenders of Ochremarkets

Citu Weaverwild, Human, Born: 38, Died: 58 (Age 20)

At the age of 12 Citu married Irsi Takeivory and started work in Ochremarkets. After 2 years she moved to the hamlet Soarthimble and after a year there started a new job. In this time she had 4 children, Kemsa Spatterbuttered, Atir Admirepainted, Mim Dreamyrooter]], and Awthrar Gulfclan. After 5 years, at the age of 20, she moved back to Ochremarkets to take on the roll of Law-giver, a position she would hold for less than a year.

In the early spring of 58, the Elves of the Embraced Lake attacked the halmet of Clutchclouted. Citu led the defense in what was to be called the Ferocious Sieges, part of the Dangerous War. During the siege Citu was struck down by a cheetah and died. The next year, in 59 she was entombed in Puzzleknit.

Ngilsho Dreamedbear, Human, Born: 39, Died: 61 (Age 22)

Not much is known of where Ngilsho originated from before he arrived at Ochremarkets in the year 61. There is some indication that he had spent some time in the hamlet of Breadhazy due to his loose ties to the Council of Twisting, but nothing more than that is known at this time. What is known however is that shortly after arriving at Ochremarkets, Ngilsho was wed to Nimma Orbclean, a powerful member of the Wealthy Fellowship and was appointed the position of Law-giver. This convenient power-play by such a mysterious figure wouldn’t last long however as Ngilsho was struck down by an elephant while leading the defense of Clutchclouted at the Riddled Siege.

Thothil Yawnshow, Human, Born: 41, Died: 62 (Age 21)

Thothil was born in the hamlet of Soarthimble, part of the northern region of Ochremarkets. She grew up orphaned on the streets, never knowing her parents. Despite her upbringing she was able to establish herself as a great cheese maker within Soarthimble. Her dream however was to become a legendary warrior and to that end she spent her free time training. At the age of 21 she traveled to Ochremarkets to fight against the Elves and lied her way into a position of great standing. She was quickly promoted to Law-giver in the year 62. While leading the defense of Clutchclouted during the Attack of Infernos she was struck down by a leopard.

Dangerous War

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