Citu Weaverwild

Born: 38, Died: 58


  • 58-58, Law-giver of The Ageless Confederations
  • Member of The Ageless Confederations
  • Former member of The Fellowship of Healing (15%)
  • Former member of The Wealthy Fellowship (73%)

At the age of 22 Citu married Irsi Takeivory and started work in Ochremarkets. After 2 years she moved to Soarthimble and after a year there started a new job. After 5 years she moved back to Ochremarkets.

In the early spring of 58, the Elves of the Embraced Lake attacked the Band of Discoveries, a part of The Ageless Confederations at Clutchclouted. Citu led the defense in what was to be called the Ferocious Sieges, part of the Dangerous War. During the siege Citu was struck down by a cheetah and died. The next year, in 59 she was entombed in Puzzleknit.

Citu Weaverwild

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